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Probiotics and Prebiotics in ASD

A review of the use of pre and probiotics by the British Dietetic Association has concluded that " there is no clear evidence to recommend the use of prebiotics and/or probiotics for the treatment of autism ".

Although this may seem a bit disappointing, it is worth noting that as trained scientists, Dietitians have to review clinical papers according to strict criteria.  However, the authors go on to state that there is " anecdotal evidence both in the literature and in dietetic practice to suggest their use may be beneficial ".  No reported negative side-effects were associated with the use of pre and probiotics in the management of autism.

To conclude, there is not sufficient evidence to make pre and probiotics a standard treatment for ASD but there is good supporting evidence that they are safe and effective in certain individuals.


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Source: BDA Professional Consensus Statement on Autism - Prebiotics and Probiotics Supplement

Posted: May 2011 

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