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Nutritional supplement improves autism

Researchers at Arizona State University, lead by Professor Adams, have published their findings of a treatment study looking at the effects of a nutritional supplement on autistic behaviour.  The supplement improved the nutritional and metabolic status of the children and significantly improved a variety of assessment scores, including parent-assessment, behaviour and language.

The supplement included a wide range of vitamins and minerals many of which where significantly higher than standard recommendations, with dosage tailored to the specific weight of each child.  The children were closely monitored for any adverse side-effects throughout the three month trial period. High dose supplementation, in addition to modified diet, has the potential to reduce negative autistic traits but should only be tried under the guidance of a qualified practitioner as it can be harmful.

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Source:'Effect of a vitamin/mineral supplement on children and adults with autism'  BMC Pediatrics Adams et al, 2011                                                   


Posted: January 2012

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