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electro-acupuncture helps autism

A small clinical trial using electro-acupuncture on children with ASD has reported significant improvements, especially in language comprehension and self-care ability.

The study involved 55 children randomly assigned to recieve either electro-acupuncture for selected acupoints ( test group ) or sham electro-acupuncture to sham acupoints ( control group ) and a total of 12 sessions were performed over a four week period.  A wide range of assessment scores were measured, including a standardised parental report.

For a full copy of the publication go to www.altmedrev.com

Posted: January 2012

Source:'Randomised Controlled Trial of Electro-Acupuncture for Autism Spectrum Disorder' Wong et al, 2010  Alternative Medicine Review volume 15 number 2 p136-146

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