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Medical Conditions and ASD

An excellent report has just been published by the Treating Autism charity and Autism Treatment Trust which highlights the significant amount of medical problems found in individuals with ASD, which is under-diagnosed and under-treated because it is viewed as ' just a part of autism'.

The range of pathologies include gastrointestinal disease, non-coeliac food sensitivity, allergies, autoimmunity, metabolic abnormalities, immune dysregulation, neuroinflammation, autonomic nervous system dysfunction and seizures. 

A range of case studies appear throughout to illustrate how children and adults with ASD have presented and subsequently responded well to treatment, once they were accurately diagnosed with a particular medical problem.  For example, a 5 year old boy with regressive autism had started developing new behaviours ( striking his jaw forcefully and jumping from a height ) but was found to have an ear infection.  Once treated the behaviours stopped and it was thought that they had developed in an attempt to unblock his ears.

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Posted: March 2013

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