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Toxic Rice Milk

Having recently written an article for the fantastic Autism Eye magazine ( www.autismeye.com) about detoxification, I thought it was worth flagging up the potentially hazardous issue regarding rice milk.  The Food Standards Agency surveyed a range rice drinks for levels of arsenic and although they found only low concentrations they were concerned about very young children consuming large volumes of these drinks, instead of breast milk, infant formula or cows' milk. 

Many children with autism follow a casein/ dairy-free diet and parents may well choose rice milk, considering it to be a safe alternative, especially if it is fortified for key nutrients such as calcium. 

 Because of the potential harm from consuming cumulative levels of arsenic in rice milk, it is NOT recommended for any young children ( aged 1 to 5 years) to have rice-based drinks and because of the association between compromised detoxification and ASD, I would not recommend them for any child with autism.

Suitable alternatives should be used, depending on the age of the child and the nutritional adequacy of the diet. The Nutritional Assessment Plan is a great way to assess your child's diet and food choices.

Posted: June 2013

Source: The Food Standards Agency website

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