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Omega 3 Fat & Alzheimers

Researchers have concluded, from their studies on genetically-modified mice, that supplementation with the omega 3 fat DHA can reduce the levels of certain proteins ( tau and beta amyloid) associated with Alzheimers disease.

These interesting findings can not be used to support a therapeautic treatment or prevention strategy for this disease, but DHA is found in fish, seafood, egg and liver and so it would be prudent to eat these foods regularly.  Epidemiological studies have also shown that populations that eat plenty of fish and seafood have lower incidences of Alzheimers.


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Date submitted:  April 2007

Source:  Green et al, 2007 'Dietary DHA and DPA ameliorate amyloid-beta and tau pathology via a mechanism involving presenilin 1 levels'  Journal of Neuroscience 27 (16) p4385-4395 

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