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Food Additives and Hyperactivity

The Food Standards Agency have reviewed their advice to parents of children who exhibit hyperactive behaviour, following on from the findings of a research trial at Southampton University.  It is now suggests that eliminating certain food colourings along with the preservative, sodium benzoate, could have beneficial effects.

The food additives used in the study were:

  • E102 tartrazine
  • E104 quinoline yellow
  • E110 sunset yellow
  • E122 carmoisine
  • E124 ponceau 4Red
  • E129 allura red
  • E211 sodium benzoate

If you are concerned about how your child's behaviour, mood or learning potential can be affected by diet, then contact Emma at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or on 01623 882853 for more information.

Posted: 6th September 2007

Reference: Food Standards Agency press release 

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